Jeff Gardiner
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The ancient magic is ready to be unleashed. As Falco's influence grows across the world, he struggles to fulfill people's expectations. To protect Earth from human destruction he must find Gaia - Mother Nature - but is it too late? Luke uncovers ancient magic and some of Nature’s lost secrets in an exciting race to save Mother Earth from environmental disaster. But can one person save the planet alone? Shape-shifting adventure as Luke’s mission becomes more complex and his fame goes global. He meets a group of others who also have a close affinity with Nature. Can Luke live up to his unwanted reputation as the new messiah? Will it all go to his head?  Can he find Gaia before she gasps her final breath?
 GAIA Book 3 of the Gaia Trilogy by Jeff Gardiner
Reviews for The Gaia trilogy: “The strong ecological theme is very pertinent in this time of global warming. I highly recommend this talented writer.”  “Superbly written – intended for young adults, thoroughly enjoyed by older ones too!” “It truly stretched my imagination. An excellent fantasy story for teenagers to adults of any age.” “This imaginative story continues brilliantly and beautifully with unexpected twists and turns. It was a joy to read.”
Jeff Gardiner
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Luke hates nature, preferring the excitement of computer games to dull walks in the countryside, but his view of the world around him drastically begins to change when enigmatic loner, Guy, for whom Luke is reluctantly made to feel responsible, shows him some of the secrets that the very planet itself appears to be hiding from modern society. Set in a very recognisable world of school and the realities of family-life, Luke tumbles into a fascinating world of magic and fantasy where transformations and shifting identities become an escape from the world. Luke gets caught up in an inescapable path that affects his very existence, as the view of the world around him drastically begins to change.
 PICA Book 1 of the Gaia Trilogy by Jeff Gardiner